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The names of works, and other terms, should be marked up with the template, using the appropriate two-letter language code.

For example, to link to the article for the work " Names of organizations and institutions (e.g. In the case of non-English names, we use official English versions if and when they have been established by the organization itself. Original English names, translated from other languages, should not be created. The names of concert tours are not formatted beyond ordinary capitalization.

An article in Wikipedia should use one national variety of English consistently.

This principle applies to music terminology: use musical terms from the variety of English in which the article is written.

Music articles vary in their intended readership: some articles are written for the widest audience of general readers; others, especially those on technical subjects (e.g., Metric modulation), are for readers with specialized knowledge. See WP: Wiki Project Music terminology/Advice for advice on terminology. According to The Unicode Standard 5.0, chapter 15.11, these are distinct from b (the lowercase letter b) or # (the number sign), hence b and # should not be used to indicate "flat" or "sharp".

This template has the advantage of working in Microsoft Internet Explorer; Generic titles are not specific to one musical work.

The generic portion of the title is not italicized and should always be in English even if the true portion of the title is in a foreign language.

Titles of liturgical works (such as agnus dei, kyrie, mass, requiem, etc.) are considered generic titles. When true titles are mixed with generic titles, as is often the case in overtures and suites, only the true title is italicized.An authoritative source will determine whether the word "the" is part of a band's name.For example, it should be included in the case of the Velvet Underground, but not in that of Black Sabbath.It is a generally accepted standard that editors should attempt to follow, though it is best treated with common sense, and occasional exceptions may apply.Any substantive edit to this page should reflect consensus. This page of the Wikipedia: Manual of Style (Mo S) for music-related articles and writing about music encourages editors to follow consistent usage and formatting.

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