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The plan works, the two get to know each other better and even make plans to get lunch the next day.

In her room Nichole is playing with a teddy bear that Cartman fooled her into believing was a gift from Token, when she finds a message on it stating that people should date within their own race, prompting her to break up with Token.

When the boys spot the girl and see that she's black, Cartman immediately decides that Token will have to date her.

Token doesn't seem particularly interested, though Cartman reassures him saying, dude I'm being serious.

Cartman runs to the game to stop Kyle and shows up on the 'megatron' screen to profess his gay love for Kyle.

He also tells everyone that there is a real life Batmobile outside, prompting a stampede towards the exit which somehow reunites Token and Nichole, who decide to give their relationship another shot.

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Finally content, Cartman tells his cupid-self, people who are the same belong together, prompting cupid to shoot a few love arrows into a girl suffering from halitosis, Cartman's perfect match.

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