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Twenty-seven (27) projects were submitted for consideration.At the upcoming meeting, participants will provide high-level overviews of what they are working on and the help they are seeking.“Our goal is to facilitate successful outcomes for participating RAPID members and build upon these projects.” Process Intensification (PI) is one of the most promising areas for the chemical process industry today as it seeks to create breakthrough technologies and equipment that can produce significant cost and energy savings.To date, five webinars have debuted out of a series of ten covering a range of...

— popped in to ask a few more questions, busily typing my responses into his tablet before exiting. Eyes fixed on the computer screen, she ran through several more questions. No meaningful conversation about how my long hours at the office are affecting my health. I love long walks on the beach, 30 minutes a day, five times a week.

When the buzzer sounded, a man sat down, with whom I had exactly ten minutes to chat before another buzzer cued the next prospect. The next morning, I woke early for my annual physical. By the time the appointment came to a close, I was exhausted and disengaged.

Entering the clinic, I was welcomed by the receptionist and directed to take a seat. — soon summoned me to the back, where she asked a few questions, took my blood pressure, and left me to disrobe. ” She left, then returned with Rebecca — or maybe it was Rachel? And then, laying on the table, it hit me: I’m speed dating my doctor. And aside from a few instructions offered, there was no connection. Even more striking to me, as I reflected on that realization, was that if I was left feeling that detached after just an hour, how must it feel for my provider?

I don’t smoke, but I do drink a daily glass of red (y’know, for my heart).

And I’d love — really love — a meaningful relationship with my health care provider.

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