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Natives and longtime residents use the pronunciation "Tar-Ber".The pronunciation is sometimes used as a shibboleth, as outsiders (and newcomers) tend to pronounce the town's name as it is spelled: "Tar-Borough", which is the correct and formal way to pronounce it.

President George Washington is known to have slept in Tarboro during a visit on his 1791 Southern tour. It is forty-eight miles west by north from Washington, thirty-six south of Halifax, eighty-three northwest of Newbern, and sixty-eight east of Raleigh. The streets are seventy-two feet wide, and cross each other at right angles, leaving squares of 2 acres (8,100 m), makes every lot front or face two streets.In September of the same year, Joseph and Ester Howell deeded 150 acres (610,000 m) of their property to the Reverend James Moir, Lawrence Toole (a merchant), Captains Aquilla Sugg and Elisha Battle, and Benjamin Hart, Esquire, for five shillings and one peppercorn.As commissioners, these men laid out a town with lots not exceeding 0.5 acres (2,000 m) "common" set aside for public use.After passage of the disfranchising constitution, he left the state, stating it was impossible for a black to be a man there.He became a successful banker in Washington, DC, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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