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As you know from my earlier story, my sister Beth, who was running cross country track was getting massages from our local boxing gym owner.He nearly got caught eating her pussy by my dad who stopped in one night.She suggested that this take place after her shower later that night.Thinking about how this might go I went to my room and got a pair of loose legged shorts and longer t-shirt on.Immediately Dad told her that she wasn't going to be getting no damn massage while he was trying to watch his show.He told us both to go downstairs to the basement, there was a TV we could watch there.

Beth wasn't the only one that got turned on when she was caught with her brothers cock fucking her.

When my dad came into the rubdown room Joe was done but his face was wet from her juice.

Beth was laying with her legs open and didn't have a towel covering her.

I could tell from her expression that she was doubting herself as to what she really heard. Leaning forward I pulled Beth's hips up and got her on all fours and deep fucked her.

It was really turning me on that Cindy was so focused on where Beth and I met. I leaned back so I could work on Beth's lower back. My shorts somewhat muffled the sound of me slapping my cock in and out of her hot cunt.

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