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But there's a twist: Instead of airing on ABC, home of Bachelor Nation, this new reality show will be on Free Form.And, unfortunately, we're going to have to wait for the show to air until sometime next fall. People still find out what you’re doing, so it’s not changing our life to be public." And Lauren chimes in, "We’re already used to sharing our lives with everyone else, so we thought, Why not?Obviously there will be some similarities, but it’s not a dating show. At the time, Lauren and I just weren’t ready for anything else.This will really be our life together, and with that, nothing will change on our behalf. As time moved on, we realized people always knew what we were doing anyway.The couple, who says they are open to a TV wedding, also hope to showcase more of their faith and possibly Higgins' political side with the reality star eyeing a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives.

We tried to get back to normal life, [but] realized very quickly that was going to be harder and we had entered into a new normal. I think in the past, a lot of Bachelors have considered it or done it.People reach out to me about community development and planning and how to counsel places that need help.At its core, that’s politics—dealing with issues we face as a community." We'll also watch Lauren explore a new career—and, of course, we'll see the duo plan their wedding.The list of contestants includes: The "Star" • Dawn, 24, a model from Miami Her Girlfriends • Ananda, 26, an insurance agent from Cooper City, FL • Jinelle, 25, a model from Miami The Players • Acie, 22, a musician from Houston • Alex, 27, an "entrepreneur" from Houston • Ben, 23, a personal trainer from Littleton, CO • Bryan, 24, a club promoter from Miami • Byron, 24, a market researcher from Atlanta • Chyno, 23, a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn • Eian, 25, a "pro slamball player" from Fontana, CA • Federico, 21, a bartender from Miami Beach • Jason, 28, a pharmaceutical sales representative from Jericho, NY • JJ, 24, a student from Scottsdale, AZ • Kyle, 26, an equities trader from Boston • Marvin, 27, an attorney from West Hills, CA • Trever, 27, a carpenter from Carlsbad, CA (and probably a part-time surfer, because otherwise he would be the only person in Carlsbad who didn't surf) Looks like this show will be educational, too.Who even knew that there was such a sport as professional slamball?

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However, the guys will be thrown into a variety of situations, with the possibility of sudden death eliminations.

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