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And, if you’re looking at relocating, there will be a job for you – there’s a lot to be said for this!You shouldn’t ever be stuck without work, especially if you enjoy long-distance driving.If you are the type that doesn’t like new and challenging things on a daily basis, that too could take its toll as well.You are bound to get bored.” Long trips for the trucker can be anywhere from a week up until three weeks, and even longer.There are many reasons guys and gals choose longer trips as opposed to short-haul trucking; most of which boils down to personal likes and dislikes.However, being a long haul or OTR (over the road) driver is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle with both good and bad points.They feel this system has far too much control over the trucker.For example, if a truck driver starts out early Monday morning, drives his allowed hours, sleeps and resets, and the DOT hours of service regs says he can drive at 2 am, the company may insist that the driver start their shift at 2 am in order to meet a pick-up or delivery appointment, even though the driver’s body clock says otherwise.

It’s the nice long highway trips that hold more appeal for some truckers.

Some guys get into a trucking career for the sole reason that they love driving and being around the big equipment! It’s also a known fact that the loud roar of a diesel engine (that raw, unbridled horsepower) is said to raise the ‘testosterone levels in the human body.’ Even in this stressed economy, there are still lots of long-haul trucking jobs, which isn’t the case with many other professions.

A commercial driver’s license not only gives a driver plenty of job opportunities but there’s some satisfaction knowing that if you don’t like the company or people you’re working for, you can always look for another job. More recently, many truckers seem to prefer short haul trucking jobs, as they don’t require the serious lifestyle changes as running long.

Probably one of the most common reasons to get into the trucking biz is the appeal of the independence that goes along with the nature of the job – there’s no boss hanging over your shoulder watching your every move.

A long-haul trucker can set their schedule and make many of their own scheduling decisions.

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