Tversity library not updating

Windows Media Encoder: Check the box to use Direct Show for encoding to WMV (which is the format that is accepted by the Xbox 360), and probably leave the default selection of WMV 8 as the version of WMV to use.

Again, technically, this option is not needed at all when dealing with natively supported files.

Start the TVersity graphical user interface (if it isn't already started) by double clicking on the tray icon.

Click on the "Settings" button at the top and we'll now configure TVersity.

Media Server Version 3.6 You Tube URLs stopped working due to You Tube mandating use of HTTPS and TVersity continuing to use HTTP.

Media Sharing Service: This is where you start, stop or restart the sharing service - if it is not started yet, you can click on the "Start Sharing" button to start it.You can always manually get TVersity to scan the shared folders to index the newly added files, but this option adds an automated task.You can specify when the first update occurs during the day, and then the duration between each subsequent updates. Set this to "Only when needed" - TVersity will scan the media file, see which device is trying to play it, and then if the device doesn't support the file natively, it will transcode it to a format that the device can play.Transcoding should be avoided unless absolutely necessary, to maintain quality and performance.You don't need to enable the "Decrease the bitrate ..." option unless your network connection from the computer to your device is limited (eg.

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I recently bought a new computer, an HP Pavillion Elite HPE-400F. When I got the new machine, I recreated the TVersity environment with the same results. Every time I started playing the MKV on the PS3, the TVersity server would shut off entirely. Sure it takes a lot longer than MKV2VOB, the program I used before, but it gets the job done, the output looks good, and it streams great.

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