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In modern Russia, there is a multitude of stories involving non-Muslim women marrying Muslim men— and a multitude of possible endings to those stories Milana got to know her future husband on Odnoklassniki, a popular social networking site. “My page on the site was completely blank — no photo, barely any information. ’”The man asked whether Milana was “jiakhilya”, explaining that this was somebody who didn’t fully observe the demands of their faith, which irritated her.All of a sudden, I received a message from a guy with a similarly anonymous profile. “He then told me that a true Muslim woman should pray, and should cover her hair in public,” she says.“But the only thing which really hurt me was my family’s response — they still thought that I’d been ‘recruited’, corrupted, radicalised.”Milana’s anonymous social media friend continued to write to her.

I listened to her and stared at her as if spellbound…

This is how it usually goes: a young Russian woman meets a headstrong, decisive man from the North Caucasus, a traditionally Muslim region. And they live happily, but only for a while as he flies home without promising to return. There are no clear statistics on how many women across Russia converted to Islam last year.

There’s also no clear data on divorces of this kind either.

“I still don’t know how he managed to, but I didn’t care. Over the next five years, we never had a single fight.” Milana’s husband concealed the extent of his wealth.

For a year she lived in a tiny rented apartment in the suburbs of Makhachkala.

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Russian women marrying Muslim men convert to Islam in the certainty that a shared religion will strengthen their family.

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