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Updates that have been made to the company file by other users on other computers are not showing up in the company file that you are accessing Not all users are accessing the Company File When My Quick Cloud and Quick Books is set-up, it is often necessary to move the location of the Company File so it can be accessed by all users.If one or more users are not using the exact same Company File it can appear that the file is not being updated as different files are being used.This is not the Quick Books calculated cost, but the Cost field that is set by the user.Although the Quick Books calculated cost (Average or FIFO if it is selected with Advanced Inventory) is used in accounting computations, the user edited Cost field is used in cost and price calculations.

The checkbox indicates yes, Quick Books should make that calculation.

Selecting Always or Ask and then assuming the Quick Books user responds positively when asked, will cause Quick Books to update the Cost filed in the item setup window. The popup appears because the setting selected in preferences is “Ask about updating item cost.” Yes has been selected as the answer in the graphic in order to show the price options.

The second field is labeled “When item cost changes.” The selections for this field are Always update sales price, Never update sales price, or Ask about updating sales price. If yes is not selected, the price update options are grayed out.

The sync app will send data from Revel to Quick Books Desktop Daily.

You must have your QBDT Company file and Sync App open and also be connected to internet for the sync to send data correctly.

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