User control updatepanel not updating

I think I need to figure out how to register the controls and their events with the page without going through a full page postback. This example works as expected: Default.aspx: Now, consider this variation, where instead of loading the control in the Page Load event, you do so programmatically via a button Click event. Ideally, I'd like to be able to keep using Update Panels, Place Holders, and User Controls to create a postback-free UI.This does not work as it cause a full postback which refreshes the placeholder. Right now I'd have to settle for a postback on every page with only parts of the UI AJAXified. Good suggestion, I have tried that, but it makes no difference whether the Update Panel is in the user control because even if it was the page wouldn't know it. The View State contains state information about the control.You can place all of your old non-AJAX components inside the update panel and they will behave as they were AJAX enabled.Is it possible to have pages with more than one update panel, and allowing these panels to talk to each other? Imagine this example: You have a page that mimmicks a Windows Explorer.At the left side you have a tree structure, and the right side is a list of icons.When opening and closing the treelist you would not have the icon list to update.The code will then bind the items using Data Bind() on the repeater.

at the moment i force the postback with the Code Snippets|Profile Provider|Serialization: C# VB|Restricted Menu|Compressed Http Web Request|Enumerate and Add Internet Explorer Favourites: VB C#|C# Tabbed Web Browser|Enhanced Tabbed Web Browser: VB C#I was Forcing a Postback and the Whole Page flickers, i want to Refresh only the User Control.

Two other important things are: 1) Make sure to always set an ID 2) Use Page.

Load Control when loading from base classes I'll let you know what the final solution ends up being after it is well tested. While you wouldn't want to do this for a large number of controls, it does allow all pages to access these controls when needed.

Rendering a 10 forms and keeping them hidden isn't a big deal, but running 10 queries that the user never wants to see is, otherwise I'd stick to that method, its works perfectly. So the problem really is in relation to the controls being initialized fully prior to loading and using them.

Since we have a variety of controls we can be loading in depending on what was clicked, my end result will likely involve me setting the class property along with the control path for loading.

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