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As this is the season to order and plant fruit trees, be encouraged to know that you’d be promoting the health of the planet; a document in support of land conservation, prepared by the Trust for Public Land, reported that a mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 pounds per year while releasing enough oxygen into the atmosphere to support two human beings. In Europe there is a movement to plant community orchards on waste ground or on land provided by public entities.

In England, the National Trust has established a ‘mother orchard’ to propagate and disperse antique apple varieties.

‘Egremont Russet’ apples have a yellow “pimpling” as well, which makes me think, looking at the photo of the Seed Savers variety ‘Fall Russet’ that it is actually an Egremont.

The other russet variety they are vending is ‘Royal Russet’.

He wrote, “What can your eye desire to see, your eares to heare, your mouth to taste, or your nose to smell, that is not to be had in an Orchard, with abundance of variety.” Finally, Seed Savers are offering the apple ‘Belle de Boskoop,’ which likely arrived here from the Lowlands of Holland, Germany and Belgium where it was widely grown.

It’s a pretty red apple, but reportedly rather too acid to make a good dessert or eating apple, yet that is precisely what makes it excellent for cooking; at least where I live there is a distinct shortage of good pie apples, so I may well plant this variety.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has acquired Jessica Jackson Hutchins’s Couch For a Long Time (2009), a work that is currently on view as part of the exhibition Nothing Stable under Heaven, on view through September 16th.

Polymer gypsum, fiberglass, steel, plaster, gold leaf, copper leaf, painter's tape, and pigment; Gift of Lipman Family Foundation; The Propeller Group, Antique Earth Satellite, 2016.

Wood; Museum purchase with funds contributed by the Acquisitions Committee.

Many old apple varieties traveled here from Europe with the earliest settlers, who were bringing a treasured taste of home to their new world.

‘Royal Russet’ is doubtless one of these as it made an early appearance in an English gardening manual in 1597, mentioned by William Lawson, the author of Planting an orchard from William Lawson’s manual.

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