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Here is a rough illustration of the process: As you can see, it takes much more than 2X5700= 11,400 years for the decay to be completed.This is a strange use of mathematics, even somewhat paradoxical, but in any case highly irregular as basis for so important a scientific theory.The distribution of a flipped coin or a rolled dice can be described with a probability distribution (50% heads, 50% tails).But this does mean that their physical motions are unpredictable.He believed that the only way to measure a system on the subatomic level with that system.In so doing, we can never be aware of any particle’s speed or position at the same time.

If we accept the way this “half-life” works, it seems that an atom will, according to Zeno, never totally decay.

Yet we know the arrow will indeed hit its target, in my opinion because the velocity of the arrow can no longer overcome a midpoint, to be found somewhere in the target, a fact evidenced by various arrowheads being buried to various depths in their targets.

Now two things need be born in mind before we compare Zeno’s arrow to the decay of an atom.

To even observe the particle, for instance, we have to slam into or bounce another particle off of it, our very measuring alters it, like my blood pressure when I go to the doctor.

On an atomic level this procedure greatly disturbs, in a very unnatural way, the motion of the particle we are trying to observe.

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