Vb6 stop screen updating

Most downloads include free demo applications that demonstrate the core functionality of our product and will show you how to get up and running integrating Accusoft products with your solution.

While the Evaluation license is free to download it does come with some restrictions.

: As with OCR and ICR, capture images in at least 300 DPI and working with black and white content can provide excellent results.

AIMTools Quickstart Guides for both i OS and Android can be found on the AIMTools documentation page.

In addition, refer to the “AIMTools and PICTools Programmers’ Guide” and “AIMTools Programmers’ Reference” on the AIMTools documentation page. Ideally, working in black and white will allow the objects of interest on your image to be better defined and recognized. As if a human was reading it, you’ll want the text objects on the image to be as legible as possible.

Please note, the Toolkit license is strictly to be used for development purposes, and when activated, it will be tied the specific development machine that it was registered on.

Understandably, the occasion may arise where a Toolkit license needs to be moved from one development machine to another.

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Finally, once you have completed your solution and are ready for deployment, you will need to purchase a Runtime license. Most commonly, you will purchase an Automatically Reported Runtime (or Node-Locked) license, which requires a license for every machine your solution will be deployed to.

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