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We could see this as a continuation of that discussion, or see it as an independent reflection.

Could this be a sort of theological sidebar reflecting on what it means to believe and receive eternal life?

Of the public’s interest in her dating life, Schilling adds, “It’s so weird.Loved talking with the wonderful @samsanders for ' It's Been A Minute.' I always appreciate the opportunity to dig a little deeper. And any call for transformation must include all struggles for liberation. Listen here: goo.gl/gbp KLe We can insist on change in Hollywood, and in all industries. We must examine and dismantle the system of domination that is Patriarchy, one reliant upon oppression and exploitation.We can hung up on several points—one being the issue of condemnation. God’s intent in sending the son is to redeem and reclaim the world.Judgment is present in the text, but so does grace. This passage follows up Jesus’ discussion with Nicodemus about being born again.

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The premise of the passage is two-fold—God loves the world enough to risk the life of his only son, and if you believe in Jesus you will have eternal life.

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