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One of those most famous videos is “Just 2 Guyz,” but Samberg barely makes an appearance.When he does, he’s simply referred to as “Steve,” who is, pardon my language, a “cunt.” Turns out, that was enough for Joanna Newsom to develop a crush. Meyers is best buddies with Samberg, and so Newsom is more open with him than she would be in other interviews, but she seems so delighted to tell the story of meeting Samberg.Wonder if she's heard his rendition of "D*ck in a Box." From us regular folks, Andy gets props for not going out and dating all the celebrities he can find.This down-to-earth duo looks like they're smitten, no?

And then once I got a few laughs I was like, ‘Oh, ok!The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star gave evidence before the U. Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Jun1e 26, to advocate for the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights, after he alleged he had been sexually assaulted by Hollywood agent Adam Venit at a party in 2016.In a now-deleted series of posts on Instagram, rapper 50 Cent mocked the actor's allegations and suggested his muscular physique could have somehow prevented the alleged assault. Sometimes journalists leave those things out." Terry filed a police report in November (17) and a lawsuit in December last year against Venit, who allegedly grabbed his genitals at a party.Get used to see, and hearing, a lot from Conner4Real.The pop star played by Andy Samberg in the upcoming spoof Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping dropped by The Voice on Tuesday night for the live debut of Conner's not-so-modest first single, "I'm So Humble." Wearing throwback 1950s letter jackets, bowties and saddle shoes, Samberg and Voice judge Adam Levine rocked the soda shop with one of the songs from the Lonely Island-produced flick.

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