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Robbo and Kat found themselves in danger due to deadly assassin Dennis Novak.

In early 2018, UK viewers saw Robbo forced to take action after Novak kidnapped Kat.

From the outset, he has struggled with amnesia, unsure what his real name is - and when he is in hospital, nurses name him “Robbo” after Robinson Crusoe.

The character is most well known for his daring acts, such as saving Raffy from Mackenzie and chasing down Novak, eventually killing him and being hunted down by police as a result.

But after Miley thinks about whether or not to marry him, she finds out she really isn't pregnant, and her and Jake are stronger than ever, and yes he will be in every episode.

With a schedule revolving around eating, sleeping, learning lines, and training at the gym, Jake reveals he has no time for dating. That was the last time I was in a relationship – that was about four years ago now,’ Jake explains.

He was a member of the Australian National team for eight years, and was the Australian champion ten times.

When a serious knee injury forced him to withdraw from his dream of competing in the Beijing Olympics, he decided to pursue his other passion - acting.

After Kat broke up with Ash, she and Robbo found themselves increasingly drawn to each other until they eventually started dating.Robbo was first seen on screen in 2017, when he was hiding out on the beach Justin, Scarlett and Alf visited during a fishing trip.Justin and Scarlett found a blood stained rag that belonged to him, then discovered Alf lying unconscious - Robbo knocked him out.Jesse and Jake made Miley choose which one of them she wanted to be with.At the end, Miley choose Jake leaving Jesse upset and heartbroken.

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