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The Maine's John O'Callaghan undoubtedly has one of the best Twitter accounts we've ever seen.Whether you want to get his philosophical genius embroidered on a T-shirt or reblogged as a beautiful edit on Tumblr, we just can't get enough of his tweets of sheer inspirational wisdom.Read more: 25 most inspirational tweets by the Maine’s John O’Callaghan So thank all of our dreams are coming true: O'Callaghan is releasing a book of 365 of his favorite tweets to date for us to chew on.“For the last eight or so years I have committed (more or less) to 'tweeting' once a day, however long and mysterious or short and sarcastic it may be,” O'Callaghan writes.Head below for some of the most inspirational and thought-provoking tweets from O’Callaghan to date.

Funny how if you simply turn your back to the crowd you’ll stand out.Just like you’ve ditched your fake clip-in pink hair extensions and grown out of your Warped Tour ’08 tee shirt, The Maine has been growing up too. Oh man, probably something when I was too inebriated. I don’t really talk to girls, if I do it’s very brief. The notion of love is one of the most relatable sentiments. Their latest album, ‘American Candy,’ delves into much more thought-provoking topics and mature sounds than what you used to listen to on your i Pod Mini. Do you feel that you vocalize your feelings about girls through your songs instead? It’s easier to dress it up that way and present it in that fashion. I think a lot of it had to do with my perception of how it would be to be a teenager in society these days. It’s kind of interesting because I’m in that position now. What’s the meaning behind the title of your album, ‘American Candy? There’s so much to be said for a well spoken person. Fortunately, I’ve gotten out of that malleable phase. On the surface when you meet me I’m pretty shy, but my good friends that I’ve had since sixth grade would say otherwise. ’ A lot of it stems from my distaste with the way that things are forced upon me.

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