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I’ve been to hell and back, but the misery I faced has helped my ministry. I want to help women move forward so that we can be who God has created us to be.As for renewing, I’m bathing in the word, bathing in the water.My family loves to dance and whenever we’d have big dinners we’d at least make the effort to dance off the calories.But most important I grew up believing in my faith and in myself.

I went Christmas shopping for Lily's kids today with her. I think this medication may be making me sleepy but I don't care. The ancient oaks were so alive and I was able to be so thankful for them, to truly see them in that light and to be able to give thanks for the rain which sustains them and I took the trash and I came home and picked the salad and am doing laundry and starting to get supper cooked and I just am so grateful for all of it.

You have to be sick and tired or want it bad enough to make it happen. When I started this journey 25 years ago I started in Buns Of Steel. I get pumped, powered and prayed up knowing I have improved lives, transformed lives and saved lives.

I don’t think there is one big accomplishment in my life.

When faced with challenges I think of it as opportunity to grow in grace.

“I grew up playing sports and participating in recreational activities.

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We met up early and went to Target and to Toys R (backwards) Us and got them babies some fun things for under the tree and I don't have the slightest guilt about not being here to watch them unwrap those things. I'll look out at the water and think, "I am so glad I'm here." Now I will feel guilty that folks are having to cook and serve my breakfast and lunch and dinner on Christmas day when they should be home with their families but that's another story and we'll tip very, very well, I'm sure. To truly be able to feel that without the veil of panic in front of it. To be able to feel without the veil of panic wrapping around the goodness like an ash-gray covering obscuring the face of a beautiful woman's smile.

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