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Despite this, East Enders has still won more times than Corrie, Emmerdale or Hollyoaks, so maybe they'll pull it back... Do YOU think they've been going through a rough patch? Corrie's bad girl had some meaty storylines including being kidnapped (twice!

) and dealing with her mother's breast cancer diagnosis.

“Now, for a kick-off, anyone who knows me will know I would never use the words ‘ailing’ and ‘poorly’. “Basically what’s happened is somebody has misinterpreted the fact we have had to three times change our plans about meeting up. “Whatever, it is very sad that he’s died, and it’s very sad that he has died because he was in the dire circumstance after he left East Enders, under a cloud, somewhat, I’m afraid to say.

“Nobody should have to pay for their misadventures by dying.

The 75-year-old, who played Pat Butcher on the soap for 26 years, suffers from polymyalgia rheumatic, a condition which causes pain, stiffness and inflammation in the muscles around the shoulders, neck and hips.

Viewers back home could not get enough of the scenes where St Clement smokes marijuana with nuns and takes a hit on a bong.

St Clement has now heaped praise on cannabis, which was reclassified from a class C to B drug in 2008, and said products containing cannabidiol (CBD) had revolutionised her life.

After leaving the soap in 2014 to pursue a music career, the 12-year-old took to posting her singing videos online. 16-year-old Molly is now at college concentrating on her studies.

After leaving the soap, the actress starred in Annabel's Kitchen, Horrible Histories and Blandings as well as adverts for Ragu Pasta Sauce and Bold 2 In 1.

Corrie's bad girl had some meaty storylines including being kidnapped (twice!

Sam is engaged to his girlfriend of five years Briony Gardner!

The star had previously said ' I do think I'm romantic.

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