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Music lessons are forbidden in public forums and therefore, if you want to learn, it has to be done 'underground'.

Banned: Going to the gym if you're a woman If you're worried about your muffin top as a woman you want to hope you've got a flight of stairs in your house to run up and down.

If you're a breeder, you know how much you've got invested in each foal, even before the little fuzzy wonders hit the straw.

On top of the stud fee, there's all the prenatal care for your mare, plus a whole lot of hoping and dreaming - and the last thing you want, after 11 long months of waiting and hoping, is to miss the big event.

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Here, this hot teen takes off her clothes as soon as she comes to his home.

Her reputation and marriage prospects could be out the.…

The scandal wouldn't go away, and in 1978 Young was defeated in a Democratic primary runoff.

If anyone converts from Islam or abandons religion they face the death penalty.

Banned: Wearing anything red on Valentine’s Day It been reported that flower shops and gift shops are prohibited from selling red roses, anything heart-shaped or red for that matter on Valentine's Day. Finding love and dating in Saudi Arabia is not as difficult as many expats think.

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